Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tukaram Maharaj - Poetry

Tukaram was a great saint.
He studied the world so much that all his works sound prophetic.
I was lucky till now, to read only a fraction of his works.
I want to read more of him.
I am impressed so much that I want all to read him.

Here is a small poem of Tuka.
Tuka – Rasabh

It means something like this.

A donkey that is made to have bath in a sacred river does not become a horse. He, who does not have a pure mind, does not listen to any good advice. Even if a sweet juice is fed to a snake, there won't be any reduction in its poison.

रासभ धुतला महातीर्था माजीं

नव्हे जैसा तेजी शामकर्ण

तेवीं खळा काय केळ्या उपदेश

नव्हेची मानस शुद्ध त्यांचे

सर्पासी पाजिलें शर्करा पीयुष

अंतरींचे विष जाऊं नेणे

For the benefit of my Telugu brethren, the meaning here.

గాడిద మహా తీర్థంలో జలకమాడినా

గుఱ్ఱమయ్యేది మాత్రం కల్ల

అంతరంగ శుద్ధి లేనివాడు

అందుకే ఏ బోధనా వినడు

పాముకు పంచదార పానకం పోసినా

విషం విషంగానే ఉంటుంది.

Famous Telugu poet Vemana in one of his Padyam says that you may wash the skin of rat for any number of days. But, it will never turn white. Tuka's poem also tells the same thing. they were clear about the nature of bad people who would never change. It is interesting to read these people. Sarvagna in Kannad is another poet who stands on the same pedestal as these two!!

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Manepalli Phani Raj said...

i want know more about saint tukaram poems in telugu convertion,pls tell me is any book available in telugu to know more about tukaram poems.thank u