Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maharajapuram Santanam - Radio Concert

This is a recording of Sri Maharajapuram Santanam's performance as a part of Radio Sangeeth Sammelan.
It must be from early eighties.
I have not noted any other details on the cassette.
Interestingly when people like me made these recordings those days, we never thought that we will be sharing them like this on something called Internet.
It is now a pleasure to listen to them again in the name of digitising and editing. It is more interesting beacuse we are sharing them with all.

I heard a comment somewhere that people who write blogs and upload material on the web are interested in seeing themselves as popular people.
But, the fact is we do these things because it gives a lot of satisfaction and nothing more.
There are Mnay people who ask about the quality and other details of the recording.
I for one, am interested in listening to good music for the vintage value of it!

Sri Maharajapuram Santanam - Vocal
The Items :
01 Pamarajana - Bilahari
02 Srirama - Nasikabhushani
03 Narayana - Sudha Dhanyasi
04 Ma Janakini - Kambhoji
05 Tillana - Misr Sivaranjani

I will be regularly bringing more really old recordings to Rasikas in the coming days.
Happy listening.


శివ said...

Thank you very much. It would be great if you can give links to any old plays and playlets broadcast by All India Radio, Vijayawada

సత్యసాయి కొవ్వలి said...

nice post as it is about my favourite singer of all times. u r right we do these things for the kick of sharing and not for becoming 'celebrities'

Vijendar Reddy said...

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