Monday, April 28, 2008

Why blogs?

An old lady came to All India Radio.
She wanted that her songs may be included in the daily morning devotional songs programme.
Some how, AIR had an unwritten rule that songs of living authors should not be broadcast.
This poor old lady, it looks, said that she has to die if she wanted her songs to be heard on Radio.
These are the days of Television.
Every one wants to appear on TV.
Even politicians dress up in their best clothes.
When radio was the attraction, it was a craze to be heard on radio.
That is all immaterial but, this old lady was asked why at all she writes songs.
Why write and pine that no one uses them?
She said that songs pour out by themselves. You need not make any effort to write a song.
That is what is creativity all about.
When print, radio, TV are the only media for pouring out your ideas, there is a limitation.
Enter Internet and the scene changed.
You can have your own web pages. You can have your own blog.
You need not even spend a lot to maintain them.
It is all free.
But the question is who is worried about what you bring there?
Who is visting your pages?
Interestingly I find that people look at what you have left on the net.
May not be in droves but people do come to your site and blog.
Then the problem is that you should have some thing there to attract people back again.
There are blogs and more blogs.
Not all are to your liking.
You have some tastes and likings.
You also dislike certain things.
The blog has to get it's identity.
I am struggling to do that, I mean make the blog have an identity.
My site has become popular because of material in Telugu is available there.
I dont want that to happen with my blog.
Only because of this feeling I was not adding any thing here.
Best is the enmy of good said Voltaire.
What should I bring here?