Friday, November 27, 2009

Smt. Radha & Smt. Jayalakshmi - Vocal

GNB was a legend.
He taught many people who became masters in their own right.
Radha and Jayalakshmi were among such people.
Not to forget MLV.
It is painful to see that there is no place on the net where one can read about Radha & Jayalakshmi.
I saw R and J when they came for an invited audience concert to Hyderabad long back.
Their singing was so good.
They were so poupular at one point of time.
I still listen to their old recordings regularly.
Taraka Bindige rings in my ears!

During the Centenary Celebrations of GNB, let us pay homage to him by listening to his disciples.
I really do not know if I can share a radio concert of GNB!

Here is an old radio concert of Smt.Radha and Smt.Jayalakshmi.
This is not from Hyderabad. It is from AIR Chennai.

The Team:

Smt. Radha and Jayalakshmi - Vocal
Sri Coimbatore Dakshina Murthy - Violin
Sri Kuttalam Viswanatha Iyer - Mridangam
Sri Nagaraja Rao - Ghatam

List of items:

01 Sharanu Siddhi - Saurashtram.mp3
02 Aadamodi - Charukesi.mp3
03 Sundaratara - Pantuvarali.mp3
04 Annapurne - Sama.mp3
05 Swaminathena - Brindavana Saranga.mp3
06 Uruvidu - Kharaharapriya.mp3

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Anand said...

the picture is that of bombay sisters

Badari Prasad said...

I dont think so. If you do a google search , this picture refers to RJ duo..