Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A page from my diary

A page literally from my diary.
As I have written it at that time.

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The year is 2000.

I have as usual mused about human nature.
I said.
Man is ahbituated to feel happy for no reason.
Some thing that you like happens.Even though it i not such a great thing to cause happiness, based on your mental status one fels happy.
You are aware of the feelings.
Even then happiness after all is happiness!

Interestingly I wrote this and many others of my musings in old Telugu.
Thare were times when couple of us were too very impressed by the language style of Viswanatha and were talikng like that.
I continued it much longer.
My son who is sympathetic towards Telugu and its idiom read a couple of pages from the diary recently.
He asked me who would understand the language these days.

He is right perhaps.
Language has become no man's land!
The expressions in the media are so strange that I feel I do not know my language!
Less said about it, better it is!

There may be one person who would like to read such language.
I am waiting for that person. perhaps.
I usually do not give up things very easily!!!

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