Thursday, July 31, 2014

Desur Selvaratnam

Sri Desur Selvaratnam is a wonderful Nadaswaram Vidwan.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gadi Padyam from K Siva Reddy’s Gatha

The Room Poem

This room remaining silent is a poem
Garimella on the wall, behind the window panes
heads of the swaying flower plants
Curtain hanging just free
Spring door standing with folded hands
Clock running lamely
Ventilator glasses hanging slant
Ceiling fan running with two minds whether or not to
Empty chair, water bottle
National flag hanging on a small stand
Old calendar that forgot time
                                Two bureaus like pregnant women
A towel next to the sink, a soap cake
Burning electric lamp long
                                What else would be there in a room
                                In spite of all this in the room
                                                                There has to be a person
With a person the room turns into a live river

It would be a dead coffee cup

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Painting

I liked this work of art. Hope you too like it!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Whoever! - A Poem by Asharaju

At midnight
Some song is heard
Somehow on the heart
The weight of the sound of footsteps is felt
I get up and sit
A light cloth flying across the face
Disappears with a soft touch

I open the door and see
Beyond four houses the song ceases
I open the gate and search
Slipping to the other side of the colony,
It hazily goes afar
I come onto the road and look
The crooning from among the bushes in the park
Caresses like whispering.

Returning into the house
I look back

At the street corner
A sound of laughter is heard
I switch the light in the front yard and see
Under the lamp post at the end of the street
Except for the street dog
None is seen

Unable to sleep
Contemplating, I shut my eyes
Who could it be?
The dear one that I left and came!
The friend that deserted me and gone!

I hurry through my books searching
The first poem that I wrote is not found
The love letter hidden is not seen

The song goes on ringing

It keeps quizzing me everyday
- Asharaju

Asharaju is a contemporary poet.
I like his works a lot.
Not because he is friend, but because he is a great poet.
You almost feel you should have written this poem!!
Translation is, of course mine.