Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A new leaf among old dirty leaves!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Small Custard Apple

It is locally called Sitaphalam.

Monday, July 17, 2017

All Mine

Roses Mine!
Camera mine!!
Photo Mine!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Badalikateera - Tyagaraja

Shravanam !

Half an hour of bliss.
A rare gem of Tyagaraja in Reetigaula.

Interestingly my friend N Ramamurthy sang this song recently in his Nadaneerajanam at Tirumala.

Badalikateera - Reetigaula

P baDalika tIra pavvaLincavE

A saDalani 1duritamulanu tega kOsi
sArvabhauma sAkEta rAma (baDalika)

C pankaj(A)sanuni paritApamu kani
pankaj(A)pta kula pativai velasi
pankaj(A)kshitO vanamunak(E)gi
jinkanu vadhiyinci
manku rAvaNuni madamunan(a)Naci
2niSSankuDagu vibhIshaNuniki 3bangAru
lankan(o)sagi surula brOcina
nish-kaLanka 4tyAgarAjuni hRdayamuna (baDalika)

O Lord SrI rAma of ayOdhyA – the Sovereign Lord of Universe!
O Blemishless Lord who – (a) seeing the misery of Lord brahmA (b) shining as the Lord of the Solar race, (c) having gone to the forest along with sItA, (d) having slayed mArIca, (e) having subdued the arrogance of the vile rAvaNa, (f) having bestowed the golden lankA to the undoubting vibhIshaNa, (g) protected the celestials!
Having rent asunder (my) sins which have not yet fallen off, please lie down in the heart of this tyAgarAja to get over the fatigue.

ప. బడలిక తీర పవ్వళించవే

అ. సడలని దురితములను తెగ కోసి
సార్వభౌమ సాకేత రామ (బ)

చ. పంకజాసనుని పరితాపము కని
పంకజాప్త కుల పతివై వెలసి
పంకజాక్షితో వనమునకేగి
జింకను వధియించి
మంకు రావణుని మదముననణచి
నిశ్శంకుడగు విభీషణునికి బంగారు
లంకనొసగి సురుల బ్రోచిన
నిష్కళంక త్యాగరాజుని హృదయమున (బ)

ப. ப3ட3லிக தீர பவ்வளிஞ்சவே

அ. ஸட3லனி து3ரிதமுலனு தெக3 கோஸி
ஸார்வபௌ4ம ஸாகேத ராம (ப3)

ச. பங்க(ஜா)ஸனுனி பரிதாபமு கனி
பங்க(ஜா)ப்த குல பதிவை வெலஸி
பங்க(ஜா)க்ஷிதோ வனமுன(கே)கி3
ஜிங்கனு வதி4யிஞ்சி
மங்கு ராவணுனி மத3முன(ன)ணசி
நிஸ்1ஸ1ங்குட3கு3 விபீ4ஷணுனிகி ப3ங்கா3ரு
லங்க(னொ)ஸகி3 ஸுருல ப்3ரோசின
நிஷ்களங்க த்யாக3ராஜுனி ஹ்ரு2த3யமுன (ப3)
களைப்புத்தீர பள்ளிகொள்வாயய்யா

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kandinsky after a long time.

If you notice the list on the right,  my old post about this master painter is among the top 10 popular pages.
I am really impressed the work of this artist.
I bring you a set of images here.
The three images after the first are details of the first one.


In 1921, Kandinsky was invited to go to Germany to attend the Bauhaus of Weimar by its founder, architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus was an art school that combined crafts and the fine arts, which in time became famous for its approach to design that it publicised and instructed. Kandinsky taught the basic design class for beginners and the course on advanced theory at the Bauhaus; he also conducted painting classes and a workshop in which he augmented his colour theory with new elements of form psychology. The development of his works on forms study, particularly on points and line forms, led to the publication of his second theoretical book, Point and Line to Plane, in 1926. Geometrical elements took on increasing importance in both his teaching and painting — particularly the circle, half-circle, the angle, straight lines and curves. This period was intensely productive. Kandinsky was to teach at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture from 1922 until the Nazis closed it in 1933.

Housed in New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the 1929 canvas Storeys is evidently reminiscent of Paul Klee’s style of work and the two artists lived together for a time at the Bauhaus in Dessau. The composition presents a striking collection of abstract entities, occupying several floors (storeys) of a house structure, perhaps as an ironic commentary on the construction programme of the Bauhaus, the functional structuring of living space into small, identical units like the experimental Torten estate in Dessau, built with the help of industrial production methods. Though Kandinsky’s paintings may seem positive, the last years of the Dessau Bauhaus were sadly not.