Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paintings of Telugu artists

World Telugu Conference (ప్రపంచ తెలుగు మహాసభలు) in 1975.
I was a student of M.Sc. at that time.
Those were the three days when I absented myself from the classes.
I attended the proceedings that took place at Lalbahadur Stadium, Hyderabad.
Drama, music, discussions and it was a real gala.

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They produced a very good souvenir on the occassion.
I remember it costed Rs.12 which was a lot for me at that time.
I bought it.
The volume was full of informative articles.
There were also some paintings in the volume.
They were printed on better paper.
I went around and took autographs of some famous people.

Now, when I look into the volume, I realised that it was a kind of value addition.
You may sure find a painting by Sri Pakala Tirumala Reddy garu (PTReddy for short).
But, would you find one with a signature of Sri Devulapalli Krishna Sastry garu?

When I asked Sri Krishna Sastry for autograph and showed him this painting he wrote "Ammayyo".
I said I also felt the same on looking at him.
His hair was snow white.
He was a frail old man and already lost his voice.
That is why he wrote that word!

I have a few more value added paintings which I will be bringing here in a sequence.


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Hello :)
I am happy to have found this blog - very informative and enlightening. I was searching for some paintings by telugu artists and landed here... Just a small comment - You are very knowledgeable and experienced. I wish you could share comprehensive information about the telugu artists and their popular paintings.

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