Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prapancha Padulu of Cinare

Dr C Narayan Reddy garu does not need my endorsemnt now.
We were all smitten by his speaking skills and poetry forever.
He is a master in whatever he does!
I still remember the poem he recited in the Hostel day function way back in eighties.

Enta pani chese Dora Koduku?
Atani perettite kadupanta Uduku!!

He has experimented with Telugu Ghazals and sang them himself.
The recordigs must be available somewhere!

Somehow, even when there were chances, I never came to reach his close circles!!
He was a teacher for the few days I attended M.A. Telugu classes.
That is all!

Admiration of course, is unending!

I found his book of 'Prapancha padulu' in my collection and thought of sharing two of the pieces from it.

Usually there are four lines in a poem.
Here Cinare brings five lines in each poem.
there is a scheme in the structure, if one can notice!!

The illustrations are by Artist Mohan

Let us enjoy creativity!!

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rajesh pedhamalla said...

e book dorike avakasam vundha ?