Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paintings and Autographs

Parapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu of 1975 were a grand success.
I never thought I will be saving the Souvenir from the Sabhaluand sharing the Paintings on the net.
Technology does wonders some times.
I always tell people that we should learn to make use of technology for our purposes.
I think I am doing it now.

Krishnaveni with Autograph of Rajani
Paintings are however good.
But, to add value to them, there are signatures of great peole on them.
Rajani won laurels for his Radio feature "Kondanundi Kadali Daka" which was about River Krishna.
I never thought Balantarpu Rajanikantarao garu will become a friend of mine when I took this autograph.
Later in life we came very close to each other and he took a liking towards me.
There was a gap in this relation because he moved to other places.
Rajani became old, no doubt.
His spirits are the same, I can vouch.
I met him recently andreminded him who I am.
To my surprise he started asking me questions about the discussion on astronomy we had years back!
Hats off to the old man!
Rajani is polyglot.
It is injustice to talk about him in such short blog.

(Click on the pictures to see them in original size)
Nagarjunacharya with autograph of Murali garu

Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna is a great person.
I came to know him also personally later in life.
Balamurali was and is a Hero for me!
He has a specila plce in my heart.
I will desist from talking about him here.

There will be better posts to talk about him!
More such paintings in the pipeline!

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