Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Asharaju - A Poem

This poem is the translation of a piece from the latest anthology of dear friend and a great poet Asharaju.
Raju is utterly down to the earth and simplicity personifies.
But, his poems are of class that is rare these days!!

My sincere trial of putting his ideas into another language is not with a feeling that I know a lot of English, but to bring them to a few friends who care!

Since one strand of thread gave way
The whole garland fell down
Slipping from the hands
Beauty scattered

From the garland that lost hold
Between flower and flower
The relation dissipated
Even when thought of tying gain
The shape that takes is changed

Like the heads that fell cut off
Scattered flowers
Though side by side
Fragrance is scarce

After the distance
The relation of color gone
Relation of garland gone
With the broken thread
The distance increased
Coming off from the garland
The past became obscured
Even when accosted
Sweetness became bitter

Some because of the whiff of air
Some more due to the floods
Many more crushed under the feet
The shapes changed
Darkness as overcame
The shadows went in tatters

Though some joined being swept
Travelled so far since attached
At the time
The character of sending perfumes would be lacking
Stones fell and mud slipped
Pollen is putrefied

When the thread was there
The garland was full
When the flowers bloomed
The smile filled the face
Once the thread gave way
Neither garland
Nor heart
Festival is gone too
Festoons fell
Bird departed
The rubbish remained in the yard

Sun God - Coincidence

This cartoon appeared yesterday!
Did the cartoonist know that the birthday of the Sun God was being celebrated in India?

Interesting coincidence isn't it?
Sure, Sun gives us another chance!
To me, he is the only God.
We are all here because HE is there!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sun and Us!

I am told today is Ratha Saptami.
It means the birth day of Sun God!

That is what I know!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parween Sultana - Thumri

Shravanam - Thumri

Begum Parveen Sultana renders a Bhairavi Thumri

Let us enjoy great music!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cleopatra - An Illustration

Here is a 19th century illustration of Cleopatra!

Notice the proportions in the image!
That is beauty?
Interesting isn't it!!

Rasikapriya Award - 2011

Friday, January 27, 2012

A rare Saveri song of Tyagaraja

Shravanam - Saveri

Thiruvengadu Jayaraman sings Samsarulaite 

samsAramulaitE nEmayya shikhi pincAvatamsu DeDuta nuNDaga

himsAdulella rOsi hamsAdula gUDi prashamsa jEyucu nE proddu kamsArini nammuvAru

caraNam 1
jnAna vairAgyamulu hIna mainaTTi bhava kAnanamuna dirugu mAnavudu sadA
dhyAna yOga utuDai nI nAmamu balkucu nAnAkrama phalamu dAnamu sEyuvAru

caraNam 2
krupapu yOcanala dUru cEsi dAraputrula paricArakula jEsi
sAra rUpuni padasArasa yugamula sAre sAreku manasAra pUjincuvAru

caraNam 3
bhAgavatula gUDi bhOgamulella harikE gavimpucu vINA gAnamulatO
Agamacaruni shrIrAgamuna bADucu tyAgarAja nutuni bAguga nammuvAru

Let us enjoy great songs!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vemana Padyam

After some gap, here is another padyam of Vemana.

mATalADagalgu marmamulerigina
pinna peddatanamu lenna valadu
pinna cEti divve peddaga velugadA
viswadAbhirAm vinura vEma

మాటలాడగల్గు మర్ముములెరిగిన 
పిన్న పెద్దతనము లెన్న వలదు
పిన్న చేతి దివ్వె పెద్దగ వెలుగదా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ

మాటలాడగల్గు = the capability of communicating
మర్ముములు = intricacies
ఎరిగిన = knowing
పిన్న పెద్దతనములు = the age differences
ఎన్న వలదు = don't take into consideration
పిన్న చేతి దివ్వె = the torch in the hands of a youngster
పెద్దగ వెలుగదా = would it not burn bright

If the person knows the intricacies of communication, don't consider his age.
(Listen to him even if he is a youngster)
The torch in the hands of the youngster would as well burn bright.
It's glow would not diminish just because the person holding is young!

Vemana suggest that the qualities of people are more important than the age.
One who is young, if good at his craft, must be respected as well like the others in the trade.
Here the poet is particularly mentioning the capability of talking.
He is going a little deeper talking about the intricacies in this skill.

These days communication skills are much talked about.
There are any number of institutions that teach all kinds of learning.
Hardly any teach the skills of talking and inter personal skills.
Even the so called finishing schools do not attach much importance to the faculty of communication.

When once the individual steps into the big bad world, it is the words from them that matter!
In an interview for a job they almost threaten you with questions.
Confidence no doubt is necessary.
With that, the skill of telling the world about your ideas and impress the others would ensure success.

Once this skill is there, one can compete with anyone in this world!

That is exactly what Vemana means here!
A torch is like the skill.
It does not burn better just because one is older!

The words of Vemana re relevant even today!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ghantasala - Navika

Here is an old song by Sri Ghantasala!

Navika by Ghantasala

Let us enjoy great songs!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Madurai Mani Iyer - Kharaharapriya

Shravanam - MMI

Sri Madurai Mani Iyer sings a heart Pakkala Nilabadi

Let us enjoy great music!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sri Sri Poem

 శ్రీ శ్రీ కవిత
 తెలుగు స్వతంత్ర, అక్టోబరు 1948

ఔను, వాహనం మారింది
దూరానికి పూర్వపు టర్థం పోయింది
పూర్వం దూరం పోయింది,
వెనకటి వాహనం మారింది
ఆ సూర్యుడే నేడూ
ఆ చంద్రు డీనాడూ
అవే నక్షత్రాలూ
ఐనా కాలం మారింది

ఔనా, కాలం మారింది మరి
మానవుడా మేలుకో, నేస్తం
ఎద్దుబండితో కొలవకు దూరాన్ని
ఎగరవోయ్ చదలయెద చీలుస్తూ
రేపు బయల్దేరాలనుకున్నావు
నేడే ఇచ్చటికి వచ్చేశావు
విచ్చేసింది నీ తరుణం
పుచ్చుకో ఇది నీ భావి

ఇది నీ భావి, గ్రహించు
ఈ భావి నీకు నా ప్రెజెంటు
భూతకాలపు సరీసృపాలని
పాతరాతి యుగంలో పారెయ్
పాతెయ్ నీ సందేహాలని
తోలెయ్ నీ మందాక్షాలని
నిటారుగా నిలబడు నేస్తం
హుటాహుటిగా ముందుకి సాగు

హుషారుగా ముందుకి సాగు
ఊరికే వెనక్కి చూస్తావేం
దుప్పివీ కుక్కవీ కావు
తిర్యగ్దృక్కువి నువ్వు కావు
దూరం కరిగిపోతోంది
కాలం మరిగిపోతోంది
మానవుడిగా మేలుకో నేస్తం
ఏలుకో ఈ విశ్వం సమస్తం

Yes, the vehicle is changed.
The old meaning of distance has changed
Past has gone far away
Past vehicle has changed
the same Sun today
That moon today too
Same are the stars
Still times have changed

Isn't it, the times have changed
O Man, awake Friend
Don't measure the distance with the bullock cart
Fly high splitting the heart of the sky
You thought of embarking tomorrow
Today itself have arrived here
Your time has come
Get it, it is your future

This is your future, get it
This future is my present to you
The crawlers of yesterday
Throw into the stone age
Bury your apprehensions
Drive your slow axles
Stand erect Oh Friend
Proceed further majestically

Proceed further with gusto
Why do you again and again look back
Neither a deer or a dog you are
You are neither the birds view
Distance is melting away
Time is boiling away
Awake as a man Oh Friend
Rule this entire universe

 - Sri Sri

Kahlo - Expression

Here is a painting and also a small write up about it!
It is self explanatory!
Art for what sake?
The question is age old!
Answer is as per what you feel!

Let us enjoy great works of art!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mehdi Hassan - Miya-ki-Malhar

Shravanam treads a new path!

Mehdi Hassan sings a Miya-ki-Malhar

All classical music enthusiasts!
Believe me and listen to this Ghazal!
You would be happy you did!

Some Animation This!

This is what animation is expected to do!
Not produce those silly cartoons!

Here you go!

We have no ways to directly observe molecules and what they do -- Drew Berry wants to change that. At TEDxSydney he shows his scientifically accurate (and entertaining!) animations that help researchers see unseeable processes within our own cells.

Balamurali - RTP - Charukesi

Shravanam - Charukesi

Dr Balamurali renders RTP in Charukesi

36 mts of pure bliss!
If you have patience!!

Let us enjoy great music!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

T N Rajarathinam - Kedaram

Shravanam with Nadaswaram!

Sri T N Rajarathinam presents a Kedaram

Let us enjoy great Music!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kaluguna - Poornalalita

Shravanam brings to you a rare item!

T P Vaidyanathan sings Kaluguna in Poornalalita 

Kalugunaa padaniraja seva
ragam: Poornalalita

19 jhankaaradhwani janya
Aa: S G2 R2 M1 P S
Av: S N1 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S

taaLam: aadi
Composer: Tyagaraja
kalugunA pada nIrajasEva gandhavAha tanaya

palumAru jUcucu bramhAnanduDai baragE bhaktagrEsara tanaku

vEkuva jAmuna nI karamunaniDi shrIkAntuDamrta pAnamu jEsi 
pAkamulanu shrI rangEshuni karpaNamu jEsi tA 
sItA karamulace bhujinci ninu sAtvika purANa paTana sEyamanE 
sAkEta patini sarvAdhAruni prakaTamuga tyAgarAjanutuni gana

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao - Sujata

Today the statue of Sri Suravaram Pratapa Reddy Garu is installed in Mahabubnagar.
Yesterday I came to know of this during my visit to the Palamooru University along with Dr K N Reddy, the VC in charge.

Only a few days back I had an interaction with an unknown friend about Suravaram through mails.
Long back I had discussions with Sri Sudhakara Reddy garu and his sister on separate occassions about the works of their father.

His language and dedication to the work are a legend!
Recently I stumbled on the cover page of the magazine "Sujata" run by Pratapa Reddy Garu.
The drawing is by Sri Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao Garu.
It is the Sujata episode from the life of Buddha!
The best part is that the picture is older than me!!
It was for the issue of Aug 15th, 1950.

This is my way of saluting the legendary figure Sri Suravaram, and also Sri Rao, who is interestingly still among us!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bhartuhari and Tukaram

Read the following two works.
The similarity is really interesting!

Sant Tukaram Maharaj appears to be impressed by the Sanskrit poet!
And extended the idaes!!
Or, is it another example of great people thinking alike?

(From Bhartuhari's Neeti Satakam)

(Sant Tukaram's work)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am on the Tube You See!

The other day I was walking towards a friends house. Two men were walking from the

opposite direction. They were talking to each other. One of them looked at me and slowed

down. With folded hands he wished me. I never knew this person. I think my face amply

gave the hint to the man. He came a bit closer and said " We saw you on the TV". He went

on appreciating my style on the TV and the patience that I show towards the children and

declared that even his mother likes the show. They walked back along me to my destination

and then departed with a promise of keeping in touch.The second gentleman hardly spoke.
He has not seen me on TV I thought.

I was at the post office for no fault of mine. A friend sent a bulky (Not really) parcel

by speed post and the postman asked me to pick it up from their office. He bluntly

refused to deliver the parcel at home. This is a subject for a discussion at a different

place though. Since I valued the material sent to me, went to the place without making a

deal about it. I was walking to my auto when there came a gentleman with the broadest

smile that you could have. He greeted me with all the respect. Then he went on to tell me

that they made it a point to watch my quiz show every week. He profusely appreciated me

till I was perhaps embarassed. I wished the postman has seen my quiz show on TV.

Some top scientists were being felicitated with an award or something like that and a

friend was particular that I should be there for the occassion. I was there. Unusually

there was food served after the program. I was there too because of my freind. There came

another gentleman once again with the warmth and a smile of the top order. I asked him if

he watched my quiz show. Yes he did and recognised me. We talked for a while and though

not long enough, we found a lot of common freinds and topics of interests. There is even

a chance of me being invited for a celebration in one of those places of our common

interest. We departed after exchanging phone numbers.

Interestingly none of them knew my name.

There are a lot of people who call and tell me about the quiz I am conducting on DD

Saptagiri. Some of them from unexpected quarters!

There was one who even pointed a mistake of mine out. I like that!

The best part is the gentleman who presses my wife's sarees regularly and my clothes too

once in a while wishes me with all the respect these days. Earlier he never even notice

my existence at my place.

It is different matter that my wife is more popular than me! But, I am also popular these

days!! I am on the telly you see!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nedunuri - Slokam

Shravanam with Slokam!!

Sri Nedunuri renders a Slokam

(Three Generations)

Vaidehi Sahitam salakshmana yutam kaika sutam sadhujam
sugreevasya vibheeshana anilasutam neelam nalam sangatam
viswamitra vasishta gautama bharadwajadi samsevitam
ramo maruti sevitaha smaratu maam samrajya simhasane

Thanks to an alert friend, I have now posted the correct text of the slokam.

Let us enjoy great Music!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Balamurali - Disc

Here are the pictures of a Gramophone record and its cover.
There are many records at home.
The player does not work.
I want a turn table very badly!
Can anyone help?
I shall pay for it!!

My Column in Bhoomi

I continue to write this page even after a year and more!
This is the page that appeared today, 02 01 12