Saturday, November 21, 2009

M D Ramanathan - Vocal

I was a young boy when I first listened to Sri MDRamanathan.
That was a record and item Giripai nelakonna was there in it.
I thought there is something wrong with the recording or the singer.
I am told AIR received phone calls saying there is speed variation when this record was on air.

I later discovered what an exceptionally learned singer Sri MDR is!
The voice is not so hoarse in any other recording!
I left Kharaharapriya to him after I heard an hour long rendering of MDR where he almost exhausted the ragam.

Internet is doing some wonders to the culture.
All the hidden treasures of arts are coming into the reach of interested peope.
Muisc, particularly Carnatic is more popular now because of this sharing.

I profusely thank Sri Srinivasan of Mumbai who sent me this recording.
There are more concerts in the pipeline.

First of the batch is an exceptionally good concert of Sri MDRamanathan.

Here is the list of Items:

01 Evari Bodhana - Abhogi Varnam

02 Divakaratanujam - Yadukula Kambhoji
03 Pahiramaduta - Vasantavarali
04 Hariharaputram - Vasanta
05 Hariharaputram Contd
06 Santamuleka - Sama
07 Shankarabharanam Ragam
08 Swararagasudha - Shankarabharanam
09 Taniavartanam
10 Nandagopa - Kapi
11 Maname Sriramanaipada - Sindhubhairavi
12 Mangalam Unique

(Not happy with Pavamanasutudu alone, MDR adds few more lines from other songs to the Mangalam.)

Go to my mediafire collection to download the Concert.

Keep visitng the blog for regular uploads of Carnatic music.

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