Saturday, July 28, 2012

Water Colors - Nature Painting

Look at this work.
it looks simple.
Look carefully!
Is it really easy?

(Open the image in another tab and see it bigger!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tiruvizha Jayashankar - Mallari

Shravanam with Mallari

Tiruvizha Jayashankar plays Mallari

Get the Album here

Happy listening!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mysore Anna

I wrote this long back. Did not know whether to share these ideas with others.
Now, I thought, I can!
Whatever they mean to you!

Whenever he is here, we have a wild dialogue.
He is an interesting man.
 Scholar extraordinaire I should say.
Whatever he has studied, he did it with such concentration that he feels the subject no longer exists.
When you really understand something to the core, you start ignoring all that is there behind.
That is the confusion experts have.
I had this problem with all those who used to write scripts.
They write as if they are doing it for their research scholars.

Not many scientists are good communicators.
Similarly, with Anna, I realised that not many scholars of Veda and Sanskrit are good at communication.
 I was under the impression that all language scholars are good at speaking.
It is true, but, can they communicate with all types of people.
He wrote a small item about Muttuswamy Dikshitar.
I should accept that there is no stuff in it, but only language.
Even that language is unintelligible.
Sorry for the expression, but, you and I cannot stand that language.

Anna is an expert in Yoga.
Not the yoga seen on the TV. The highest form of it is at his finger tips.
So, everything appears to him only as a part of it.
On anything in this world, his view is from that plane!
That is the problem with experts.
They think everyone knows what they already know.
That is where, their expertise becomes useless to the society.
You have a treasure. Not all of it can be shared.
You do not know which part can be shared.
You do not also know how to share anything.
Anna point blank said, I can not write in any other way.

Nalini Mohan was a very popular writer.
He once told me that he has started writing a book on five elements.
When he came with the script, it was only about fire and already ran into more than 200 pages.
What will happen if he writes about the other four elements also?
Ajanta, his uncle and an editor at Prabha published only a part of it!
Then the script came to Jyoti.
I told the gentleman there about the missing part of the script.
Even the page numbers were confirming what I said.
It is not my intention here to malign my icon Sri Nalini Mohan.
It is about the sense of proportion in anything you do.
Success in communication is not dependent only on the content.
The form is equally important!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elchuri Vijaya Raghava Rao - Flute

Shravanam with Hindustani Flute

Pandit Vijaya Raghava Rao Presents a Gat in Malkauns

Happy listening!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rattle Snake

Great Photo!
You are trying to picture the fields and there appears a rare guest!
This is what happened to ace photographer Sieren.
That was in Mojave area!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Do Not Tremble - Hirata Toshiko

It trembles
It is trembling again today
I did not know that the earth
Is an unruly cradle 
A cruel cradle that lets
Neither adult nor child sleep
It is March, it is spring
It should be a gentle season of vernal sleep 
When one sleeps so deeply there is no dawn
But spring this year
Shakes us to keep us
From falling asleep

Earth, it is enough
For you simply to 
Keep spinning happily
Leave the trembling
To windblown flowers and
Laundry hanging in the year
You should simply spin
Those forces that shake the earth
May you turn to bubbles and disappear
Do not tremble
Do not trem
Do not tre
Do not

అది వణుకుతుంది.
అది ఇవాళ మళ్లా వణుకుతున్నది.
ఈ భూమి అదుపు లేని ఊయలని
నాకు తెలీదు
ఈ క్రూరమయిన ఊయల
కుర్రాళ్లనూ, పెద్దవాళ్లనూ
ఎవరినీ నిద్రపోనీయదు

మార్చి మాసమంటే వసంత రుతువు
హాయిగా నిద్రించాల్సిన ప్రశాంత సమయం
తెల్లారుతుందని పట్టని లోతయిన నిద్ర
కానీ ఈ సారి వసంతం
అందరినీ కుదిపేసి
నిద్రపోనీకుండా చేసింది

భూమీ, నీవు హాయిగా
తిరుగుతుంటే చాలుగదా
వణకడం లాంటివి
గాలిలోని పూలకూ
ఆరేసిన గుడ్డలకూ వదిలి
నీవు బొంగరంలా అమాయకంగా
తిరుగుతూ ఉండాలి

భూమిని కుదిపే శక్తులన్నీ
బుడగలై మాయం కావాలి

Hirata Toshiko (1955-) is a prominent Japanese poet and novelist.  During the 1980s, she, along with Itō Hiromi, emerged as one of the foremost voices so-called “women’s boom” of poetry.  Her poetry is known for its directness and black humor.  In the last decade, she has increasingly turned to writing novels, which often feature ordinary people in bizarre circumstances that lead them to question the traditional family system and the spots allotted to them in society.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Mutthayya - Veena

Shravanam again!

A Mutthayya - Veena

More information about this artist please!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Line in Geometry and Art

What difference!
To know this, always makes difference!

(To read, open the image in another window!)

Interesting, Isn't it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage Nadaswaram - Record


I stumbled on this recording! Not the record of course!!

The source says the record is from 1920's
The name of the artist is given as V.Kandaswamy

Please listen and throw some light on the matter!!

Todi on Nadaswaram

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thunbam Nergayil - MMDD

Shravanam after a long time!!

Of late this song is haunting me!
After listening to this song everyone at home started humming Desh!
What words and what tune!
This is really soul stirring!!

Thunbam Nergayil by M M D Desikar

Thunbam nergayi yaaz eduthu

Thunbam nergayi yaaz eduthu

Bharathi dasan

Translated by


Raga Desh
Thala Chatusra yekam.


Thubam nergayil yazhyeduthu nee,
Inbam erkka mattaya- emakku,
Inbam cherkka mattaya-Nal,
Anbila nenjil thamizhai padi nee,
Allal theerkka mattaya -kanne,
Allal theerkka mattaya

When sorrow strikes , won’t you take the harp,
And add sweetness to my life-Won’t you,
Add sweetness to me –Won’t you ,
Remove the pain in my heart bereft of love ,
By singing in Tamil, Darling,
Won’t you remove the pain.


Vanbum elimayum soozhum naatile ,
Vazhvil unarvu cherkka -Yem
Vazhvil unarvu cherkka -nee,
Andrai nathamizh kuttin murayinai,
Aadi katta mattaya -Kanne
Aadi katta mattaya.

In this world surrounded by meddling and simplicity,
For adding feelings to this life –for,
Adding feelings to my life –won’t you,
Dance the steps of ancient Tamil dance-darling
Won’t you dance .


1.Aram ithu yendru yam maram ithu yendrume,
Arikilatha pothu -yam,
Arikilatha pothu-tamiz,
Iraivanarin thiru kural ile oru,
“nandrikku vithagum nalozhukkam-thee yozhukkam,
Yendrum idumbai tharum”,
Iraivanarin thiru kuralile oru chol,
Iyambi katta mattaya –nee,
A ndrai nattamizh kuttin murayinai,
Aadikatta mattaya-kanne
Aadi katta mattaya.

When we did not know ,
What is right and what is heroic,
When we did not know the stanza,
From the thirukkural of the divine poet,
“Good conduct is the base of goodness-and bad conduct,
Would always result in bad things,”
Would you not tell me one word,
From the thirukkural of the divine poet, won’t you,
Dance the steps of ancient tamil dance-darling
Won’t you dance .

2.Puram ithu yendrum nallathu ithu yendrume,
Pulavar kanda noolin –thamizh ,
Pulavar kanda noolin ,
Iraivanarin thiru kurali ile oru chol,
Iyambi kkatta mattaya –nee
Iyambi katta mattaya ,
Thiramai katti unai eendra yem uyir,
Chelvamaga mattaya –Thamizh
Chelvamaga mattaya-kanne.

From the book founded by great poets,
Mentioning what is bad and what is good ,
From the Tamil book found by great poets,
Won’t you tell me one word,
From the thirukkral of the divine poet
Won’t you tell me one word ,
And show your capability and become ,
Wealth to this soul that begot you ,
Won’t you become the Tamil wealth-Oh darling.

Thanks to the net source.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Harmonium - A Poem by Asharaju

This is my humble trial of translating my good friend Asha Raju's poem in Telugu.


The ripples on the water are the alphabet
Leaves on the tree are sentences
Flowers on the branch, the sounds
Drops dripping from the awning are the songs
Inspiring me,
How would you stop the poetry!

Ocean a harmonium
Desert a piano
Forests are sitars
Meadows are Shehnais, reverberating
Binding me
How can you stop the song!

Breeze listens to me
Light knows my lingo        
In the darkness, my eyes are butterflies
Shackled hands
Are palm leaf manuscripts, hidden
You torture me
How can you erase history!

Poetry is midnight rain
That pours silently
If charge with guns
The wetness would elude you
You tear the papers
Rock the books
Shove hands into the pockets
Pull the bags
The tempest in the mind would not come to your hand

Poetry lives in a dream
In a scabbard
In a quiver
In self-confidence
In belief
In unwavering aspirations
In sleepless weapons
Where all would you look for it?
How can you contain it?

Poetry is breath that gives life
The hanging gallows
Up swinging life
How many villages would you scan?
How long would you go around looking?

Death is poetry
Birth is poetry
War is poetry
Tears poetry
You wouldn’t realize
Even the jail walls are poetry
Would you stop poetry?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cartoon - Enter!

Laugh if you feel like!