Thursday, November 12, 2009

Madurai Sri Somasundaram - Vocal

Sri Madurai Somu, as he was dearly called was an interesting artist.
I have never seen another singer who was so happy singing.
MSBalasubrahmanya Sarma was another perhaps.
I am witness to Somu sir stopping for a moment while singing as if to absorb the beauty of the song! He would utter "Andavane! Muruga" and would continue singing!
I had the good fortune of talking to him at Chennai season once way back in very early 80s.
I asked him about the Telugu pronounciation.
He was really friendly in answering me about the matter.
He knew Telugu but could not help with the correct diction!
He was aware of the fact and accepted it!
What a simplicity!

I am happy to bring to you recordings from a very old  and popular LP of Somu sir.

Accompaniment details not kept.

Item list:

01 Sriganapatini – Saurashtram

02 Guruleka - Gauri Manohari

03 Devadideva - Sidhuramakriya

04 Sadamadin - Gambhiravani

05 Kadalevadu kade Ramudu - Narayana Gaula

06 Naradamuni - Kamavardhini

07 Varalandukommani – Ghurjari


Some more of his old recordings are on the way.

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