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Bhagyamati - Was she for real?

Sri KVBhoopal Rao and his book "Bhagyamati"

Sri Bhoopal Rao hails from the clan of Akkanna and Madanna, the ministers in the Golkonda dynasty. He is a historian and written much on the subject. I met him when he could be called an old man. But his enthusiasm was almost contagious. He strived to study the history of Qutabshahis and published his results.

The book in question was published when the 400 years were to be celebrated. I was also somehow involved in those celebrations planned extensively but never happened.

Sri Rao took all the pains to impress about the theme of his work and saw to it that it was published.

Sri Krishna Satry garu, an equally serious researcher and former head of AP State Archeology Department wrote the introduction to this 96 page book in Telugu. The theme is about the existence of a lady by name Bhagamati. People want to call the city as Bhagyanagaram without even knowing the history. It is interesting to note that the name now prevailing, Hyderabad, is also after the same lady who after embracing islam became Hydermahal.

భాగమతి గాధ తాలూకు అనేక సాక్ష్యాధారాలను  వెలుగులోకి తెచ్చి భాగమతికి ఈ పుస్తకం ద్వారా జీవం పోసి భూపాలరావుగారు చరిత్రకారులలో ఒక ప్రత్యేకస్థానాన్ని సంపాదించుకున్నారు. Says Sri Krishna Sastry. He also narrates his visit to the tomb in Rein Bazaar supposedly belonging to Bhagamati or Hydermahal.

The book reads well. Sri Rao’s skill and felicity with the language and expression make it interesting. I do not know whether I can comment that research findings in the book are few and the author himself agrees to this fact. However he makes a case for the colorful existence of the lady love of Quli Qutub Shah the ruler of Hyderabad..

Sri Rao’s passion for the topic is evident in the preface he wrote under the title “Mansuloni Mata”.

It is really his heart and not just dear to his heart.

Unabashed, he says, “తిట్టమరిగిన నోరూ, తిరుగమరిగిన కాలూ స్తబ్ధంగ ఉండలేవంటారు విజ్ఞులు. ఉద్వేగంగ దౌడు తీయుటకు అలవాటు పడిన నా మనస్సు, జవాశ్వం లాగ ముందుకురకటం మానలేదు. These words from an old man !!

Two experts Sri Sastry mentioned above and also Sri BNSastry, an epigraphist and literary historian, endorse the work.

Couple of exerpts from the book makes an interesting reading.

Even today many believe that the story of Bhagamati is just that, a story, and such a female never existed. There is another group which strongly believes in her existence. There is no doubt about the three people mentioned in this entry being from the later group. They plead the case and almost prove her existence.

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I feel all people interested in history and particularly local history  should be reading such works. I really do not know if the book, published way back in 1993 is now available in any shop. I do not know whether Mahamantri Madanna Trust is active still.

The address given in the book is:

Mahamantri madanna Trust




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