Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pasupatisvaram - Subha/Shivapantuvarali

Shravanam with a rare song!

Sri B Rajam Iyer sings Pasupatisvaram

paSupatISvaram - rAgaM Siva pantuvarALi - tALaM Adi

paSu-patISvaraM praNaumi satataM
pAlita bhaktaM sadA bhajE(a)ham

paScima kASmIra rAja vinutaM
pannagAbharaNa dharaM su-SObhitam

pAka SAsanAdi dEva bRndaM
pancAnanaM praNata muni bRndaM
para Siva tatva bOdhitAnandaM
vara guru guha nutaM sOmAskandam
(madhyama kAla sAhityam)
SOka haraM Subha phala prada karaM
paraSu mRga dharaM SUlAdi dharaM
Suka SaunakAdi ghOshita -
Siva pantuvarALi rAga priyam ati caturam

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can you grow a plant in zero gravity?

This one goes for the kids who participated in the INSPIRE camp in St Theresa College, Eluru.
They were so brilliant and curious!

Here is the answer!

Yes, you can grow plants in zero gravity, though there is one complication.

A plant grown on the International Space Station:

The complication that needs to be overcome is that plants make use of gravity when planted to orient themselves (as they can't rely on being planted the right way up), so that their roots go down and their sprouts go up. Without gravity, they will tend to just stay at around the same depth and not sprout. One astronaut reported that this was simple enough to fix, however, just by plucking the ends out of the soil, pulling them to the surface, when they first sprout. From this point, the plant can orient itself using light and will continue to grow. Roots don't suffer as much, as they just grow away from the seed and avoid light (the surface), so develop relatively normally.

After this, growth is mostly normal (as can be seen above). The resulting plants can look a little unusual because they don't have the usual drooping from gravity, so will tend to be more upright.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

There hangs the man - Cartoons

People take up all kinds of works.
With experience it all appears to them routine.

I have seen another cartoon where the men hanging outside wonder looking at people sitting at desks and working!

If you consider the heights at which people sit and do the paint job you start reeling!
I have seen the boys and men happily singing away and working there!
The one holding the rope at the top keeps lowering it occasionally to adjust the place of work!
This image does not really give you the feel of the height.
The man is hanging from the wall on the third floor!
I cannot even think of myself at that place.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seela Veerraju - One Man Show

Veerraju Garu held a one man show at Kalabhavan Gallery recently.
Almost everyone who came to the inaugural was a well known man.
Sri B A Reddy, famous artist inaugurated the show.
Since Sri Veerraju is also a poet and a writer, there were many writers and pots among the guests.
Veerraju Garu is a great human being.
So, many well wishers were there.

The Invite shows two of his very good paintings.
Representing the entire collection on show, these two paintings featured on the card celebrate life!
Life as you and I know!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rajagopala Sharma - RTP

Raju suddenly appeared and handed over an old bag.
It contained some gramophone records.
Couple of them appeared unusual.
They were bigger than the usual 78 rpm discs.
I have seen inside-out discs that play staring from inside.
I have also seen plastic discs that could be folded.

Here were discs bigger than the regular 78 rpms and were 78 rpms alright.
I started listening to one of them.

It is a RTP of Tiraiyur Sri M Rajagopala Sharma.
The record has a lot of noise.
I have to clean it anyway.
Meanwhile I realised, I have this recording in my library.
Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Turaiyur Sri Rajagopala Sharma - Pallavi and Ragamalika