Monday, November 16, 2009

Aravind Bhargava - Mandolin

Aravind is a student of Engineering and is also a student of Music.
He is learning Mandolin with the one and only USrinivas.
Aravind performed yesterday at Nadabharati, Hyderabad.
No doubt he has a long way to go, but, the promise he has shown is worth appreciation.
He is totally involved in the music and is aware of his place there.
No airs is one good thing I found in him.

He desrves a pat and blessings from the elders.
We can rest assured that the trend of Carnatic music on new instruments will continue for long, thanks to such young people.

I bring to you some pieces from his concert of 15 11 09.

Sri Komanduri Rajan played Violin and
Sri Srinivasa Gopalan was on Mridangam.
They are youngsters too and need blessings of rasikas.


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