Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao - The Painter

I travelled with him all the way to Warangal and back to Hyderabd in a matter of a day.
We sat together in the vehicle both ways.
We talked without break about art and other related matters.
He showed his interest in modern digital techniques and asked if I could restore soem of his old paintings.
As an enthusiast and not as an expert, I said, Yes!

I tried to call on him. I did call on the phone.
No, he was not able to link up!
Both my lethargy and his old age never allowed us to meet again!

The other day, all of a sudden, Sudhama called and said, there is a book release function.
We went teher and found Sri rao hale and hearty!
Anyway, it was no occassion to make my efforts to talk to him.
I will get back to Sri Rao!

Meanwhile I present a few words about him and a few paintings by him!!

Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao was born Jan 27 1924 in Mahaboobabad a town near Hyderabad , AP, India . He was born to Gopala Rao and Ramachudamma.

Dr. Rao's interest in art began early in his childhood when he was encouraged and groomed by his teachers. At that time Hyderabad was lead by Nawab Jung Bahadur. He supported Dr. Rao's education at the School of Fine Art . His excellent works were already well recognized. Dr. Rao went on to study at the famous Shanti Niketan. He worked with the famous Nandalal Bose. In 1984 he retired as Head of Department of the same Fine Art College.

Today, his painitngs adorn many prominent locations in different countiries. Some of thsose include the Salarjung museum, Mythri vanam, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad , AP, India , the Indian embassy in Washington DC, USA , Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Pittshburgh, PA.

During his career he has completed over a thousand master pieces. Subjects of these vary from mythological stories, epics, historical events and daily life. He worked with oil paintings, wall murals, aqua texture paintings and many other forms. In fact he is credited as the pioneer of aqua texture paintings.

Accolades as prestigious as the Hamsa award have been bestowed upon him. But to him and those around him, his life's work and its inspiration are of the most value.

He recently celebrated his 83rd birthday at his family home in Hyderabad , AP, India . To this day, he can talk endlessly about the wonderful works of art he brought to life. At this age, his penchant to understand things around us has not waned. His favorite television channels include Discovery, National Geography and such!
(Click on the pitures to see them bigger! They are really big!!)

His daughter-in-law Mrs. Niharini brougt out a book of his essays on Indian Art.
That was preceded by anoher one about him also I am told.
Let me look for them and bring more details about him next time.
Let us enjoy great works of art!!


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house number 1-2-214/5/1
behind muncipal office
near doctor mittals house
himayath nagar - hyd 29

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and sorry to say he is no more :(