Sunday, April 25, 2010

S G Kittappa Songs

If we have the inclination, we have pleasure to seek everywhere!
I liked these songs, though I have not understood them much!
I am reminded of the artists of yester years from many languages when I listen to Sri S G Kittappa.

Here are a selection of songs sung by him.
Please Enjoy!

1. Elloraiyum Pole

2. Mahadeva

3. Thamathamen

4. Kami sathyabhama

5. Vanithamaniye

6. Dharmamallave

7. Nalai Pogamal

8. Vannathamaraiyyai

9. Vedikkai Yagave

10. Theengana Mozhiye

11. Androrunaal

12. Gopikla Konjum

For those who want to download individual songs, here is the link:
Let us enjoy good music!

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