Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shobhana Rangachary - Vocal

Smt Shobhana Rangachary was known as Lady MDR!!
Yes, She was a disciple of Sri M D Ramanthan and picked up his style totally.
It is unfortunate that she passed away at a very young age.
She was a bundle of talent according to knowledgeable people.

Not much is known about Smt Shobhana.
Sri Rangachary, her husband, now a  retired IAS officer, lives in Hyderabad.
I heard Shobhana singing and was struck by hers tyle.
There are peopel who said it was mere imitation.
But, I still remeber the RTP in Balahamsa ragam that Shobhana sang on AIR.
A mere imitator cannot perform like that.
I am told, she learnt Hindustani muisc from  Smt Siddheswari Devi.
With such Gurus what else can be expected from the lady?

I bring here a short performance of Smt Shobhana.
I request people to listen to this music!

I found it interesting!!





Let us enjoy good music!!

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Ajay Cadambi said...

Thank you for this concert recording. Is there any way we can listen to the Balahamsa RTP that you mention?