Saturday, April 17, 2010

Balamurali - Ashtapadis

Do I make the mistake of writing an introduction to Balamaurali?
He is an Icon!!
To some the is the God!!

Here is Balamurali singing some songs of Jayadeva.
His singing has added lustre to the already wonderful poetry!!
I have been listening to these songs for the last thirty years.
Now I thought, more people should listen to them.
Even if you have alreday listened to them, they are worth an encore!!

(This is a real big painting. Click to see it bigger)

Geeta Govindam

The Gitagovinda kayva is a lyrical poem, dramatizing the love sports of Krishna and Radha on the surface and conveying simultaneously the deep ethos of devotion of the individual soul, its pining for God realization and finally attaining the consummation in service of God. This Bhava is similar in both god realization and eroticism and the cloak fits in well.

Since the Gitagovinda was composed specifically for dance performance during the night worship of Lord Jagannatha, the composition is so deftly made as to be sung to the beats of a dancer's foot movements. The author himself at the end of the Kavya again states this fact, where he again emphasizes that the poem was intended to the Kavya again states this fact, where he again emphasizes that the poem intended to be a prop for meditation on Vishnu and it is clothed in Srngara rasa by the kavi Jayadeva pandita immersed in the contemplation of Krishna. The poem became so popular that within a century or so, it spread to all corners of the country from east to south, west and north and was adapted to dance, music, painting and temple worship.

The Gitagovinda consist of twelve chapter, further divided into twenty-four songs. Each song consists of eight couplets, it is called Ashtapadi. Chapter one and chapter two, four five and twelve contain two ashtapadi each; chapters three, six, eight, nine and ten contain only one ashtapadi each. Thus there are twenty-four ashtapadis. These ashtapadis can be set to music in different melodious ragas, which were appreciated and followed by the poets later period. On which more than hundred commentaries has been written in Sanskrit and over fifty more than hundred commentaries have been written in Sanskrit and over fifty in regional languages in India also in many foreign languages.


01-Nijagadasa Yadunandane.mp3
02-Pravisa Radhe.mp3
03-Raase Hari Mihita Vilasam.mp3
04-Radhika Krishna.mp3
05-Ramathe Yamuna Pulinavane.mp3
06-Sakhi Yaramita Vanamalina.mp3
07-Sritha Kamalaa Kucha Mandala.mp3
08-Thava Virahe Vanamali.mp3


Let us enjoy good poetry and music together!!

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Prasad said...

Thank you for this post, and the links.. I had lost this wonderful collection of BMK renditions of Ashtapadi. It is a treasure to find it again.