Saturday, April 24, 2010

K Shiva Prasad - Whistle Music

Shiva Prasad is a friend for a long time.
He learnt music from Sri N S Srinivasan.
Srinivasan used to say that Prasad blows Bugle!!
Yes, his whistling is wonderful!
Rare are such people.

Let us enjoy some tracks of his whistling in Carnatic style.
It is not an easy art!

Follow the link to download songs by Siva Prasad.
Sri Peri Sri Rama Murthy on Violin and Sri D S R Murthy on Mridangam support him!!

To know more about Sri Sivaprasad, visit his site

Let us enjoy good music!!

1 comment:

Varadarajan.R said...

thanks a lot for this album sir, i have an old tape of shivaprasad where BMK accompanies him in khanjira, i assume you should have it, if not i would love to upload if you need it!!