Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mulla Nasruddin in Telugu

It was Sri Mahidhara Nalinimohan Rao garu who introduced this character to Telugu readers.
He preferred to call him Maulvi Naseeruddin.
I searched everywhere and found him to be called as Nasruddin.
I collected and retold the stories in Telugu.
Of course, the stories are many and there is doubt about the additions by later people to teh collection.
Idries Shah's is supposed to eb an authentic colection.
I looked into various sources and put together only some of teh stories.
Good friend Sri Gandhi of Peacock Classics published the book.
I have some good feedback from some people about the stories in the book.

Many people also complain about the book noy being available in shops.
Now that Sri Gandhi ahnded over the selling part to Vishalandhra, the book must be available easily.

I use these stories in my training soft skill classes profusely.
Though apparently simple, the stories carry a lot of meaning.

What you find in my Telugu version is not mere translation of the original.
I tried to retell them.

Here are some samples.

I hope you will find the book and read more of the stories.

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