Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kandukuri Sri Ramulu - Poetry

Sri Ramulu looks like very docile man.
Yes, He is one!
Not many can imagine a poet of calibre in him.
Appearances are deceptive, they say.
He is a friend for long.
I vivdly remember that when I was walking to his place to attend his marriage, I came to know of my marriage.
The chairs at the wedding were freshly painted.
A little color stuck upon my shirt and it stayed as long as the shirt was there.
Our friendship is still going on!!
The shirts can go, but not the friends!

When I read teh translated poem in a book release function recently, Sri Ramulu called me and gave me his latest book of poems.
How mnay people name their book of poems after the village they were born in?
Sri Ramulu did!

I compliment him for that!
We have migrated to the city, but the heart still is atuck in teh Village.

The painting as expected is of Sri Rajaiah garu who was a teacher at the school where Sri Ramulu studied.
Ravurookula is the village.
You should read the poem about the Red Soil to understand the nature of these villages.

The Red Soil

At the time when
A sprout into a stem
The vapours into a cloud, transforming
The blade of grass from this village
Will not bend it's head before the winds.
The dust and muck will raise and turn into a hurricane
The valiant and the rebellion
Water in the milk - sincerity and the decision
Will be focused.
Entire area turns into a song and croons
If a hero is there
It is like the tree for the earth
A star for the sky
And like the door beam for the house!

I am thrilled that Sri Ramulu wrote such a forceful poem!
I wish him very best in the future!

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