Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shankar - Paintings

This man came like a breeze in to the company and disappered like another.
Mr Subbarayan at the Literacy House was a rallying point.
We all used to meet and do a lot there.
Soft Skills, Puppetry, Literature and what not?
Shankar added Painting to the list.
There was a One man Show of Shankar in the campus.
Lot of people came and complimented him!
Many of them famous painters.

Shankar, a Tamilian, was from Calcutta.
He was a polyglot.
Suits the company!
We became friends!
We exchanged a lot of iformation and material.
We were talikng about a Telugu version of satyajit Ray's children magazine.

And as life took turns, we lost contact!

Where is Shankar?
In Hyderabad still?

When rummaging through my old material I found these two paintings typical of Shankar.
I thought I will share them with all and then search for Shankar!!

(Click on the images to see them bigger)

The colors and style of Shankar's paintings were really unique!!

Let us enjoy good works of art!!

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