Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Abhimanamennadu of Patnam

abhimAnam ennaDu galgurAma

raagam: bEgaDa

Composer: PaTnam Subramanya Aiyyar
Language: Telugu


abhimAnamennaDu galgu rAma amarEndra vandita pAda nApai
అభిమానమెన్నడు గల్గు రామ అమరేంద్రవందితపాద నాపై


ibharAja varada nApai nIkinta kOpamElanayya nIvADanE
ఇభరాజవరద నాపై నీకింత కోపమేలనయ్య నీవాడనే


anna vastramulakEmi dOvayani ennaDaina ninnaDiginAnA
అన్నవస్త్రములకేమి దోవయని ఎన్నడైన నిన్నడిగినాన

kanna tanDri nIvEyani nammi nI karuNa galgitE cAlaniyuNDaga
కన్నతండ్రి నీవేయని నమ్మి నీ కరుణ గల్గితే చాలనియుండగా

nennagAnu nIvu viDanADa jUcitE nannu brOcEvArevarayya
నెన్నగాను నీవు విడనాడజూచితే నన్ను బ్రోచే వారెవరయ్య

vennuDaina shrI venkatEsha nAdu vinnapambu vinarAdA nAtO vAdA
వెన్నుడైన శ్రీ వెంకటేశ నాదు విన్నపంబు వినరాదా నాతో వాదా

I am making a trial of giving the almost literal meaning of the song.

Oh Rama, with the feet saluted by the king of Gods (Indra), on which day would you favor me?
(When will you bless me?)

Oh the lord, who gave boons to the king of elephants! Why are you so angry with me? I am yours!

Did I ever ask you about the way I should get my food and raiment?
Having believed that you are my own father and as I am waiting that your mercy happens, it is enough,
If you count and look for deserting me, who will protect me?
Oh Venkatesha, who is none other than the butter God Krishna Why can’t you listen to my request? Do you have any differences with me?

There are several ways in which composers have addressed God.
Best is the form of singing praises.
Nama Sankeerthanam or describing an incident is good for such purpose.
Tyagayya particularly takes up the attributes of Rama and asks questions and makes comments.

In the present song the style is different. Patnam asks Venkateswara when would he bless him?
Complaining is the natural way a child exhibits before parents.
Here the complaint is against the father himself.

I consider that you are my own father! You want to desert me?
Who else will look after me?
Did I ever ask you about food and clothing?
I was only thinking that your mercy will be the only thing needed.
Why can’t you listen to my request?

What then is the request?
It is the Abhimanam of God.

No word play like in the other songs that we have seen in the series.

In the English version available on the net, I found that there are some changes to be made.
I have taken the liberty to do that.
I have noticed that many famous singers are singing the charanam line two ending as cAluniyunDagA.
I am sure it should be cAlaniyundaga. I am not finding fault with anyone.
As a person who knows a bit of language and one who likes the music to be perfect in all respects, I am bringing this to the notice of Rasikas.

Let us enjoy the song in the voices of famous artists Sanjay and Voleti as well as from MSGopalakrishnan on Violin.

Sanjay  Subramanian

Voleti Venkateswarlu


Let us enjoy good music!!

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