Wednesday, April 7, 2010

25,000 and Further!!

Yes, This is self congratulatory!!
In no man's land, where there is nobody to blow your trumpets, better blow your own!!

I collect and share non-commercial Carnatic music.
Friends are aware of my uploads to Sangeethamshare, where the number of uploads crossed 120.
It is not about numbers, but the variety and the quality of content.

This business of uploading of music started with mediafire.
I lost one whole colection because of technical reasons.
I registered gain and started sharing music again.
Now, the Folders are nearly 100, songs or files are more than 500.
This morning I found that the downloads have crossed 25,000!

Thanks friends for the enthusisam!!

I will be bringing here, lot more music in due course.
There is enough to go for a really long time.

On this occassion, for the benefit of those frinds who joined in the act late, here is the sharekey, for my entire collection on mediafire!


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