Wednesday, April 7, 2010

S Sowmya - Vocal

Sowmya (saumya) is an excellent singer of the younger generation.
She is not just a singer, but a music activist, if there could be any!

Here is what she says about herself!

Mine has been a life soaked in melody since childhood. Born into a family of traditional values, I was initiated into music by my father who has a passion for Carnatic music. Then I came under the wing of Dr (S.) Ramanathan, an exemplary musician, esteemed musicologist and an extraordinary human being. The music journey continued with the legendary T. Mukta, and I dedicate my success in this field to both of them.

For me, theory and vidwat (erudition) might appeal to the intellect, but when you transmit your experience, the feel of a kriti, to the audience, the performer is able to make a connection with the rasikas. As a performer, I come with the frame of mind to give the best and to please the listeners.

Singing in a sabha and singing on occasions like a marriage offer a different experience. Sabha audiences come with the frame of mind to listen to only music, whereas on the other occasion, the agenda is different. The selection of songs should please the floating crowd. I utilise these occasions to try new kritis, rare ragas, kritis that are not sung in recent times and derive some benefit for myself.

About music!
Carnatica (the organisation she co-founded with fellow musician Shashikiran) was established to propagate Carnatic music. We needed a platform to promote the basic lessons we brought in CD form. The success of the talent hunt programme in Carnatic music on television has been tremendous. The younger generation, in spite of its hectic schedules and academic pressure, is showing greater interest in learning Carnatic music.

Here, I appreciate the parents who are very supportive in caring for the art. Through Carnatica we give special training to talented children and present them at prestigious forums, stages. Through this, along with financial support, we motivate the youngsters to excel in their art.

Technological advances have connected rasikas all over the world. Healthy interaction on the subject across the globe is possible through the click of a mouse.

The invaluable treasures are available to all, and we are flooded with questions and compliments immediately after each concert. I can say our audience is not limited to the concert hall itself. With technological advancement, each concert is on the global auditorium.

Here is a collection of songs by Sowmya. These are meant for dance performances mainly!!
01 Balavinave(Padam) - Kambodhi.mp3
02 Thelisenura(Padam) - Saveri.mp3
03 Thiruvatriyur - Atana.mp3
04 Samayamide(Javali) - Behag.mp3
05 Paiyyada - Nadanamakriya.mp3
06 Yaruku kelum - Begada.mp3
07 Nithiriyil - Panthuvarali.mp3
08 Smarasundaranguni(Javali) - Paras.mp3
09 Maryada teliyagane - Suruti.mp3

Let us enjoy good music!!