Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vemana Padyam - Anger

కోపమునను ఘనత కొంచెమై పోవును
కోపమునను గుణము కొరత పడును
కోపమునను బ్రతుకు కొంచెమై పోవును
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ

kOpamunau Ghanata komcemai pOvunu
kOpamunanu guNamu korata paDunu
kOpamunanu bratuku komcemai pOvunu
viswadabhirAma vinura vEma

కోపమునను = in anger
ఘనత = greatness
కొంచెమై పోవును = will get reduced
గుణము = character
కొరత పడును = will become incomplete
బ్రతుకు = life
కొంచెమై పోవును = will be reduced

Oh Vema! In anger the greatness and good behavior will get a beating. Life will become unbearable, says Vemana simply in this poem.
Sumati satakam also comments on anger similarly.
We shall see that padyam in detail in the coming posts.

Indian philosophers said that there are six internal enemies.
They are lust, anger, miserliness, pigheadedness, desire, and lack of decency.

Though listed second in the line, anger is the result of dissatisfaction due to the other five enemies.
You behave in a particular way and look for soem reaction.
When you don't get teh reaction, you are angry!

Somebody shouts at you.
What is teh purpose?
To make you angry!
If you are angry, the other person is the winner.
if you are not, you are the winner!!

Sri Krishna in Gita tells the effects of anger beatifully. Anger will lead to false hopes. that will lead to lack of coherence which in turns results in stupidity.
Stupids will perish!!
If you control anger, all your wishes will be fulfilled. If you control anger, you can control the world.
One who is in full control of his emotions, will judge the situations carefully. On the day when such a person will also expresses anger, the whole world takes note and reacts.

People in corporate world also are talking more about emotional intelligence these days!
they have enough material here to quote in their exercises!!

No anger please!!

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