Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Page from the Diary

This is what I have written on July 11th in the year 2000.

Once again, I was in my literary writing mood. So, the language is classical.
After all I am addressing the self.
Then It has to be this kind of language.
I am anyway known for my simple expressions when it comes to regular writing.

Like the sleep and hunger, anger is also natural to a human being.
And it has to be so.
There are many ways to express anger.
It is said that one's anger is one's enemy.
But, then, heeding to this adage, all being devoid of anger is impossible.
The key point is, how do you express the anger pent up!
On whom do you do it?
When in anger the person will not have the sense of thinking baout anything else. Patience and discrimination would have alreday been lost.

There would be a target to one's anger.
it is better to express the anger than keep it in mind and alter all your reactions towards that person.
It is mean to find fault with people in open meetings.

It goes on like that.
I am an angry man.
Interestingly I know when i am anger!!
Who cares if you are angry?

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