Saturday, March 27, 2010

A page from my diary

Here is one more page from my diary.

As you can see, it was written on 8th of July in the year 2000.
It is about work and returns.

"railways who claim that public service is their motto charge us for travel. LIC which says it will look after us, make business with our money. Teachers who are called as noble profession take salaries. Doctors don't even touch the patient without money.

Are all of them of one class?
some are the other way round!
People who feel happy to call the troubles onto their head and enjoy serving others are also there!
If you help your kith and kin, it is duty.
If you do the same to teh others, it is help!
Duty is always is on the second rung of preferences.
If one also ahs the itch to be famous and being called 'nice people' will go a step further to invite trouble, in the name of helping others.
They feel immense happiness in doing so.
If you expect returns and help some one, it is neither help nor service.
That is paid labour!
There is nothing great about it.
Even the expertise may be there, or may not be there.
What you get in return depends on the expertise.
But, if you help people without expecting returns, immediate result is satisfaction.
Later reputation!!

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