Saturday, March 27, 2010

Secret - Is there any?

There is a beautifully produced red book named Secret!

It hardly contains any secret!
But, the fact would not come out until you buy and read the book.
So, you buy it!
To learn that the so called secret is after all, what you practise and were practising for ever!

I was thinking about any secret that I could tell the world and stun it.
It dawned upon me that there are none!

Apart from the follies committed galore, there looks like no secrets in my life.
The follies, I have committed, like the proverbial cat that closed his eyes when thieving, are known to many, I presume.
So, where is any secret?
There are many things that you know, but are not prepared to tell the world that you know.
You may think that only you know that information.
You may also think that all the others in the world are pining to learn it from you.
Who cares?

Many people died without telling their well kept secrets, they say.
What happened?
Nothing in particular, I am sure.
Nothing remains a secret only because you do not want anyone to know it.
Some facts are conveyed even without the efforts of communication.
Some facts are so trivial that when communicated, the owner may die of failed heart on seeing the poor reaction.

Even the little bird is sick of telling anything to anyone these days.
Maybe, the reaction would be ‘who cares?’

There are certain things classified as open secrets.
Everyone and his neighbour know them. All pretend, as if they have not even heard of any such thing. Murders take place. Scandals break out.
Day in and day out, there are things appearing in the papers.
Ask a little boy what is it all about, he would perhaps tell you things that even the highest police officers feign ignorance of.

All murderers get caught.
All the stolen money is recovered.
All the criminals get to be identified.
What happens after that is of no interest to many.
No paper prints anything about them.
Sometimes, no, most of the times, they live happily ever after.
Maybe, there is no secret about that also.

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