Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sundara Kanda (Telugu) - Radio Version

Sri M S Rama Rao was a singer of yester years.
He was a playback singer in films too.
He made the Telugu version of Hanuman Chalisa and used to sing it at many places.
It became very famous.
In 70's he made the Telugu version of Sundara Kanda in lyrical form and rendered it himself.
Initially it was recorded for All India Radio.
Then, a shorter version came out commercially.
I remember, those were the days when cassette players became popular.
Any Telugu person buying a player would also buy a Suprabhatam by MS and Sundara Kanda of M S Rama Rao.
It almost became a super hit.
It perhaps continues to be in the same position for those who have listened to it.
A street in Chikkadpally, where Sri Rama Rao lived, was named after him.
Sri Rama Rao's sweet voice narrating the intricacies of the story in simple Telugu will mesmerise the listener.

Thanks to Sri SSPrakash, here is the Radio Version of the famous Sundara Kanda, for your personal listening pleasure. It runs for more than 5 hours.
Kindly note that this is not the commercial version, which is just 2 hours long.

Sundara Kanda is the heart of Ramayanam.
Hanuman is the hero of this part of Ramayanam.
I dedicate this musical rendition to all those devotees of Rama and Hanuman!!


Enjoy the bliss!!


Srini said...

Thank you very much for this really rare recording. I was looking for it for a long time. It's not already on youtube; so I've uploaded them to youtube so others can find it easily. I provided a link back to this post. I hope it's okay with you, otherwise please let me know. thanks! Srini

harry said...