Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kadri Gopalnath - Saxophone

He came to Hyderabad and performed at RRLabs auditorium.
There were hardly 15 people in the hall!
Anyway, the concert was by AIR and it was broadcast later!

Now RRL has become IICT!!
Kadri became a rage around the world!!

A write up on Kadri from sources on the net!

Kadri Gopalnath - Saxaphone Chakravarthy

Kadri Gopalnath was born in Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka. He acquired a taste for music from his father Thaniappa, a nadaswaram vidwan. Young Gopalnath once saw the saxophone being played in the Mysore palace band set. Thrilled on hearing the vibrant tone of the saxophone, Gopalnath decided to master it. It took him nearly 20 years for him to conquer the complex western wind instrument and he was eventually crowned as the "Saxophone Chakravarthy".

Kadri Gopalnath has enthralled audiences in India and abroad for decades by adding a melodious dimension to this western instrument meeting the demands of Indian classical music. What Kanyakumari, who has created a niche for herself as a distinctive violinist, offered was not just support to saxophone. The two instrumentalists played with perfect understanding presenting the ambience of an instrumental ensemble to the listeners. This harmonious experience was taken to new height, especially in swaraprasthara.

Here I bring to you an old LP of Sri Kadri Gopalnath.




Let us enjoy good music!!

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Rajesh Devabhaktuni said...

Is there a possibility to get/buy this LP anywhere? Thanks for sharing the mp3's.