Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ghatanam Sarvajaneenam - Drama

Please don't get bewildered by the title.
I was not there when this title was decided.
Or, I would have made it soemthing like "We are like this only!"
This is a story from any office in this country.
There are all kinds of people in this office.
You should only listen to the drama to know if you are also featured in it.
You would know half the characters of the play personally.

Best part is, it is Musical.
All kinds of music, starting with Carnatic to Hindustani, Qawwali and also Western are featured in this spoof! Nothing sounds out of place.
I remember classical musicians appreciated this drama more than the common listeners.
There is a whole retinue of people who took part in it!

Srinivasan, yes, the flute maestro, wrote and produced it.
He was humorist to the core!
He would mimic people, tell anecdotes and make people laugh without let up.
His presence would make the party a real party!!
I am not saying these things, but people said this.

Srinivasan made Kopalle Sivaram pen the lyrics to the preset tunes.
Whether you understand Telugu or not, you will enjoy them.
I request all visitors to the blog to listen to this Radio Drama.


PS: I will continue to post more radio dramas here.
I cannot announce them in the music forums.
People interested in Telugu drama and light music may kindly follw my blog, inform other people.
I also request you to suggest me ways in which I can inform more people about this treasure coming up.
For example, light music of real vintage value is in pipeline!
How do ypu like to listen to Balamurali singing Enki Patalu?

Let us enjoy good music!


Sri said...

kopalle sivaram garu ma mavayya garu. please send some of his rachanalu to my mail id.

nenu ayanane chala miss chestanu. i felt very happy drama vennapudu. thanks ande.


amazon498a said...

This is awesome. I grew up listening to bhakti ranjani, jaanapada gEyaalu, vinOda vallari, naaTikalu, naaTakaalu etc. on AIR. I especially remember "ghaTanaM sarvajaneenaM". It is such a pleasure to listen to this after so many years. Thank you so much. I look forward to more.

Vayuputra said...

This is amazing! Thanks for making 'ghaTanaM sarvajaneenaM' available for global audience. Next in line should be 'Shooting 2' from vinOda vallari.