Friday, March 19, 2010

T R Mahalingam - Flute

Those were Ramanavami days like now.
Mali Sir was staying at Hotel Dwaraka.
Not many knew that he was around.
One evening, may be he was alone and thought of going out.
He hardly knew Hyderabad.
Neither he cared to know people.
He came down from the room, and asked an autowallah to take him around.
They were going around.
At one place, in a Ramanavami pandal, a girl was singing classical music.
Mali sir promptly got down from the auto, asked him to wait and entered the place.
He happily sat there listening to the girl.

Next day when he told us about the adventure, we asked him about the place.
He said "I never enquired!"
We tried to tell him that going out alone was a bad idea.
He brushed it aside and more over told, "The girl sang really well!"
Did anyone, let alone the girl, know who was there around and who was listening?
That was Mali for you!!

Here is an excellent collection items by inimitable Mali Sir.


01 Raghuvamsa - Kadanakutuhalam.mp3
02 Entaranee-Harikambhoji.mp3
03 Ninuvina-Navarasakannada.mp3
04 Sarasadala_Nayana-Khamas.mp3
05 Paridanamichite-Bilahari.mp3