Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lalgudi Jayaraman - Violin

There are a few people I admire a lot!!
One among such few is Lalgudi.
He is a gentleman to the core.
I remeber back in 70s there was his concert in Ravindra Bharati.
Hall was bursting at seams.
There were people, including me, witing to enter the hall.
We were curtly told to leave.
Usually people do not leave immediatley at such places.
We were told that Lalgudi has generously accepted to have us around him on the stage.
I can not forget the day I heard him from real close quarters.
Time has made his music greater and greater.

At a later point of time I came to know him personally.
He was asked to play a Ragam Tanam Pallavi.
He was already having one in his mind.
Since the performance was in Hyderabad, he wanted tha Pallavi lines to be in Sanskrit or Telugu!
That is what a gentleman is all about.
Oh God! Did I suggest the lines in Telugu?
It was not necessary!
His knowledge of Sanskrit is great!

Here is the famous Bomaby Shankara Mutt Concert Disc album of Lalgudi Jayaraman for nostalgia sake!!


01 Sri Shankara Guruvaram – Nagaswaraavali
02 Paraathparaa – Vaachaspathi
03 Akhilaandeswari – Dwijaavanthi
04 Shankaraachaaryam – Sankaraabharanam
05 Eppo Varuvaaro – Jonpuri


Enjoy the vintage music!!

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