Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vipranarayana - Radio Drama - Songs

There is a famous film "Vipranarayana" in which A Nageswara Rao Excelled in the title role.
Many may not know that there is a radio drama written by Sri Devulapalli Krishna Sastry on the theme.
Music was by Sri Balantrapu Rajani Kanta Rao.
Dr Balamurali and Kum Srirangam Gopalaratnam play the lead roles here.
This drama was staged at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad long back.

The same script and music is used by Smt Ratna Papa for her Kuchipudi performance.
Smt Sobha Naidu also stages the drama with her troupe.
I was involved in some way in the latters first production.

I now bring you some songs from the drama sung by Balamurali and Ratnam Garu.
They are ever enjoyable!!



Let us enjoy good music!

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Kuchipudi said...

Gopalam garu,

We have just come across your blog and are highly excited about it! We would love to add you to our blogroll, with your permission!

To fill the void of a lack of discussion among the Kuchipudi community (performers and lovers) we have started the effort called Kuchipudi Vaibhavam. We would be highly pleased if you could visit it.

Coming to the article, we have two observations to make:

Smt. Ratna Kumar is the grand -niece of Devulapalli Krishna Sastry garu, and it comes as a little surprise that she is using it! :)

Balantrapu garu's contribution to musi(esp. dance music) is immeasurable. There is also a recording of Bhama Kalapam under his direction by the Chinta Vari Kuchipudi mela. We would be grateful if you could locate it!