Thursday, June 17, 2010

Asharaju - Ogaru

Asharaju is emerging as an exceptionally different poet with each collection.
I was yet to come out of the moods he created with "Ogaru" and he sent the next collection!!
Ogaru is an interesting collection with some offbeat kind of poetry.

You will agree that he is different even with one poem.
Here it is!!

I tried to translate the poem and ask for your forgiveness if I could not get the mood totally!!

Rajamani's dying declaration

Cutting my legs, I am proceeding with them on the shoulders.

Grass on the ground is burnt as the moonlight pured on it. Someone is selling human heads at midnight. A beauty poured petrol on me and set fire because I loved hard. Near the Masoleum she built, my ash heap melted in the rain.

There the house collapsed. The book remained half torn near the remains. She ate, cleaned the plate and threw the water on me. From then on by broken Saudamini, she left the lane itself. Eyeballs fell down while washing the face.

Took the ocean into the fist and kept pressed under the black gravel stone. Broken ships like the net, lifting the coast as it is. Two lovers stabbed each other, drank the blood, and fell asleep.

Someone burnt the hand and with the burning smell of the skin, was tracing the paces to the man. Right on the mid road, slashing the throats of wife and children, was begging flowers.

Perhaps it is here a woman delivered a babe. only hence the fort's entrabce fell down razed.

Dommari Rajamani! How long will you walk on the iron wire with only one foot? Jump on to the handicapped fellow standing below and watching teh beauty of your bony calves, then die! I will play the drums till the corpses come alive and dance!

(Hyderbad Mirror 6th April 2009)
I dare not translate this folk song like poem!!
I have written another poem in Telugu after reading this poem.
I will bring it to you at a later point in time.
Not now, surely!!
I know you understand!!

I will be failing if I don't mention that this is a wonderfully produced book!!
I wish every writer and poet takes equal interest in bringing out their works like this!

Let us enjoy good poetry!!

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