Tuesday, June 22, 2010


And God said "Let there be world!"
Thus started this world, says Christianity.

Holy Khuran tells about creation in Sura-e-Arrad.
It is also a quick work.

Bhagavatam of Vyasa details the creation elaborately.
The time taken for creation is longer here.

I found an interesting art work about creation as per the Chinese tradition.
It says that unlike the western creation theory, in which world was made in seven days, according to Chinese legend it took the mythological God, Pang Ku, eighteen years create order from chaos - earth as it is known today!!

What happens then, to the theories of Big Bang and Organic Evolution?
Can order be brought in in seven days or even in eighteen years?
The experience tells us that there is no order even today in this world?
What is order?
can it be achieved?
Would it be realised one day?

Let us think about it!
Let us not create any more disorder at least.

Can we?

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