Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vijaya Siva - Old Album

On popular demand I am bringing here another album of Sri Vijaya Siva.
It is an old album from his younger days.
I really wonder how this gentleman has changed with the age!
He looks too old for his age!
Well! His music has also gained age and it is much more attractive now.
It has the element of maturity now.
Not that it was lacking at a point of time.
DK school of music is known for its weight and variety as it is!!

List of the items in the present album:

02 Chede Buddhi - Athana.mp3
03 Bilahari Ragam.mp3
04 Paridanamichite - Bilahari.mp3
05 Tulasamma - Devagandhari.mp3
06 Kharaharapriya Ragam.mp3
07 Janakipate - Kharaharapriya.mp3
08 Ehi Annapurne - Punnagavarali.mp3
09 Marubari - Khamas.mp3
10 Tillana - suruti.mp3
11 Pagaivanukku - Ragamalika.mp3

Sri R K Sriram Kumar on Violin and J Vaidyanathan on Mridangam are the accompaniments.
Item No.1 is missing and I will try to add it in a few days.
Let us enjoy good music!!

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