Saturday, June 12, 2010

Features on Music

Radio features are very educative!
When it comes to subjects like music, print medium is a no-no!
However much you write is not enough!

Radio has brought Indian classical music to the man on the street.
It is always interesting to listen to some of these features.

I have put up a collection of features here for those who have missed them.
Please listen to them not withstanding the langauge barriers.
Since you are interested in music, you will sure understand these ideas.
Music has a universal language.
That is what is made out in these features.

01) Raganubhavam - Telugu

This is about the common factors in various styles of muisc.
It also speaks about enjoying the classical muisc as it is!

02) Samvadi - Telugu

This feature talks about Harmonics and the principle of Vadi and Samvadi in Carnatic music.
It was much appreciated in teh music circles.

03) Music appreciation - English

This featue talks about the introductory aspects of Carnatic Music.
It was meant for youngsters who wanted to learn baout CM.
It also was appreciated a lot at that time.

04) Invisible Vision - Telugu Version

An award winning feature which talks about teh unique nature of Radio medium.
It explains the place of musical effects and real sounds in visualisng the scenes heard on the radio.
A Master piece!

Here are two more classics from AIR's archives.

01) Shiva Kshetra Yatra

A musical feature on the Saivaite places of pilgrimage in Andhra Pradesh.
Very popular songs of yester years were basically part of this feature.
Siva Siva Siva Yanarada, Endukaya Samba Siva, Harahara are some of them.

02) Kaliyuga Vaikuntham

A Vintage feature on describing the trek to Tirumala and teh contemporary details.
Compare Tirumala of teh present days, and you will be surprised to core.
This is a must liten feature for all.

Link to the folder:

Let us enjoy good music and musical ideas!

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