Friday, June 11, 2010

Silence!! - A Poem

I am Kamehameha of column five

Counting on the strings on your Lyre

That gave up much before the performance

Corridors of the Auditorium were stirringly slippery

The music slipped from the windows onto the

Slouching shoulders of the sulking old woman under the banyan tree

Tears roll down the grass and create Tsunamis in the hinterland

Sh… Shh….. Shhh….

Silence is much better than

The silken darks of Sanity!!

Music unheard is much forceful than the heard

Intentions are counter

Many years ago man waded in the mire of my thoughts

Do you?

Call back home and find out if cassava is growing well?

Tender man!

It is not your fault

Sun shone like this for eons on this greener land

Swords made it musty

Can’t take you further into the folds of sulcii and gyrii

Blood curdling bandit song it was!!

Forget it old man!

Go ahead with your performance even if the hall is overflowing!

I did that and I am here!!

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