Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Balamurali Sarvasri

The versatile Balamurali must have recorded many things and forgotten about them also.
The number of his recordings is mind boggling.
I am listening to some of his old albums and am stunned at the variety of content.

Here is another album for you from the one and only Dr. M Balamuralikrishna.
I don't have to tell about the unique nature if this album.


01 - Uma Sutam Namami.mp3
02 - Siddhi Nayakena.mp3
03 - Ganadhipam.mp3
04 - Mahaniya.mp3
05 - Mahadeva Sutham.mp3
06 - Heera Ganapathiki.mp3


Let us enjoy good music!!

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