Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balamurali's Ramadasa Concert - Shravanam

The cassette containingg Ramadasa songs by Balamurali is a big hit and continues to be available even now in the market.
I have been listening to those songs for over decades.
The singers in chorus sometimes mar the quality of the songs at a couple of places.
This is my very personal impression.

Now, I found this 80 minutes concert recording, thanks to a musical soul.
This is ambrosia for music lovers.
The concert was performed on 8-4-1981.
It must be Sri Rama Navami Season.
Murali Garu chose to sing all Bhadradri Ramadasa items in this concert.
Only the opening Rama Ninu Vina (Tyagaraja) and the Tillana (Own) as also his grandfathers composition Ramaramayanarada are exceptions.

Main item Nanubrovamani is a veritable treat.
I uploaded the concert as usual to my folder in Sangeethamshare.
This happens to be my 150th upload there.

I found that even all the members of Sangeethapriya group are not downloading all the concerts.
I felt that there are many who would like to listen to the concert once.
So, I hosted a low bit rate version on the net and made the concert available for easy listening.
Those who want to download can always go to my folder in Sangeethamshare/Sangeethapriya.
Details of the concert


Dr Mangalampalli Balamurali krishna - Vocal
Sri Annavarapu Ramaswamy - Violin
Sri Mahadevu Lakshmi Narayana Raju - Midangam



Duration: 01:18:46

The concert is available in a single track!

Let us enjoy good music!!

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Pegasus said...

Thank you very much....logged onto Sangeethapriya and found it to be a veritable treasure...
your site is soo enticing..very neat and detailed .
Wish you are blessed with perennial enthusiasm and joy !