Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Page from my Diary

cannot see far enough when looking back.
I can see only as far as there is light.
Just because it is not visible, if said there is nothing beyond, it will be unjust.
To see the details there I have to have light in me.
I have got to have lot of patience to search.
The miner goes into the deep with a light on his head.
It looks someone arranged a lamp on his feet.
They can show a little way ahead.
To look into the abyss, to search the details of the infinite, these mini lamps would not suffice.
With the oil of curiousty to learn, we have to light the wick of mind.
Then we would feel as if understanding till the end.
As the vsison progresses the screens would melt away.
All people from past would walk into the present and greet you.
In the pages of books and the cupboards there is a lot of light.
Fold it and lock it, it would never venture out.
There is a lot of light at a place where people get together.
We also have the required paraphernalia to share it and fetch it along.
If you fold it and keep it safe in the mind, however much you turn back, nothing would be visible.
Even right before you theer would be darkness, screens and obscurity.
One who cannot peep into the past cannot see the present.
Cannot go further.
Look back. Is there light?
Light the wick of mind. Is there light?

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