Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vijaya Siva - Vocal

Sri Vijaya Siva is the torch bearer of the DK school of music.
You can always look for the same novelty and class in his performances.
I am amazed at the family that has a full compliment of artists for a concerts.
Blessed are the parents who groomed the children so well.

A write up on Vijaya Siva with an interview!

N.Vijay Siva has evolved himself as a musician with pure values. His music makes a clear statement of his forthrightness and self-confidence. The message is even clearer when you notice the portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Tilak, Gokhale, V. O. Chidamabaram, Rajaji and Sardar Vallabhai Patel adorning the walls of his drawing room, Despite the busy December season, he settles down for an exchange…

My paternal grandmother, Meenakshi Ammal, first cousin of S. Balachander, was very mush into Fine Arts. She inspired me a lot. Good at vocal and veena, my father A.N.Siva, was also an amateur actor with the Sangeethanjali troupe.

‘Manthralaya Mahan’ is one of their famous plays. My mother is a gold medallist (1965) from Music College, Adyar, and had learnt music under stalwarts there. My uncle A.S.Siva was good at composing songs in classical music, and in staging plays.

My parents wanted us to be trained in music, though they did not intend making us professionals in the field. Yet my sister Poorna Vaidyanthan, brother Manoj and I are into music, full time. It’s His will. I firmly believe that more than the genes, it is the atmosphere you grow in that shapes you. To cite a couple of examples, D.K.Pattammal is the first musician in her family and so is P.Unnikrishnan.

I feel blessed to have been a student of PSBB School. The teachers, under the dynamic leadership of Mrs.YGP, have the acumen to identify the inherent talent in each student. In fact, it is their forte. They create an atmosphere where the student is allowed to open up. His strength is assessed and nurtured to blossom further.

Till date I receive the blessings of my teachers who keep tabs on my career and correct me when I am wrong. G.J.R. Krishnan, R.K.Sriramkumar, Mullaivasal Chandramouli and Anuradha Sriram were all my school mates. A similar atmosphere continued in Vivekananda College too, where I did my B.Com.

I was exposed to music from childhood because of my environment. Our family has always had an ear for good music. It was not a formal training under my mother, but a natural exposure, while she was teaching or practising.

I came under the tutelage of D.K. Jayaraman in 1977, and after his demise it has been under his sister D. K. Pattammal. My mother was his student. Since my talent was spotted at a very early age, to shape it up well, I was made his student. The Vedas speak of three types of Gurus. DKJ is my Uttama Guru. He was like Sage Narada, knowing every minute detail about his disciples and giving them what they needed. He would go out of the way to teach kritis.

So it is with DKP. Once, knowing that I was going to sing on Shyama Sastri Day, she summoned me over phone to come and learn the rare ‘Mangalam’ composed by him! Until then I never knew of its existence! DKP amma keeps track of my development. As she is aging there are no regular classes now, but it is Divine guidance I get from her.

You’d be surprised to know that I was trained by Kumbakonam Rajappaier in playing the mridangam. I even reached a performing level in it.

It is an eternal search. Through music you reach God. We are told that it has to go on and on till we realise it.

Earlier the country and God were seen as one. For Bharatiyar, Parasakti and Bharat Matha were the same. The freedom fighters underwent untold suffering to gain Independence for us.

Desa bhakti is very important. Sacrifice begins at home and slowly permeates into society. Sardar Vallabhai Patel was a great administrator and We are yet to see a person like him. Dr.Rajendra Pasad had great respect for ancient arts. A lot of fillip was given to cultural development and music during his tenure. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam largely emulated him.

At home we never allow ourselves to forget those who toiled for the country. That should explain the presence of pictures of great leaders in our house.

I take each concert as an experience and not a test. I enjoy the camaraderie with my colleagues in the profession. We share a good rapport. The large-heartedness of the seniors who are now past their fifties is a lesson for us youngsters to imbibe. Why should there be room for politics when there is space for every one? The talented and the industrious will win recognition, sooner or later. No one can come between the performer and the rasika. Our seniors have paved the way, let’s follow them.

Here is a gem of an album by Sri Vijaya Siva.
Sri R K Sriram Kumar on Violin and Sri Mnaoj Siva on Mridangam.



Let us enjoy good music!!


sapthagireesan said...

Dear Sir,I am happy to read your profile only today for the first time. In a way I am interested to learn that you are related to S.Balachander,the veena maestro and a multi-faceted personality for whom I have high regard.I am also happy to learn that you are close to DKJ and The 'Ganasaraswathi'. Above all,being a family friend of Salem G Desikan,whose closeness to SB and Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman has been exemplary.In fact Desikan had showed me one day a letter he received from SB from which I learnt what letter-writing should be like!
For a long time it has been an unfulfilled desire that the music of Sri Desikan is not on internet.Recently with the consent of Desikan's eldest daughter Sau.Vijayalakshmi Srinivasn and her husband R.Srinivasan(Who had spared a complete set of audio cassettes compiled and released over a decade ago at the hands of the Famous Music-Duo B V Raman & B.V.Lakshmanan at a commemoration function at Chennai.Our mutual friend and admirer of Desikan's music,Mr S Venkatachary,Chartered Acctt. had personally converted the analog to digital format. I am happy to inform you that myself and my daughter Sau Aparna Arcot have been able to successfully upload on youtube a selection of four of his songs for the first time.We have brought it to the notice of Secretary, Salem Sangeetha Vidwat Sabha andwww. may access on google by typing the words.We would like to hear from you.
I am also working on creating my blogspot and shall get in touch with you as soon as it is done. With best wishes sincerely,A.N.Sapthagireesan

sapthagireesan said...

Dear Sir,In my above comment, the words to be typed on google have not come out.They are-youtube Salem G Desikan-

Nirupama Venkatesan said...

Namaskaram! I am Nirupama Venkatesan from Mumbai and I am Salem G Desikan's own brother's grand daughter. I have been trying to find my thatha (Salem G Desikan)'s recordings on the internet. But to my disappointment, I could find just bare minimum. If you can, please share them here :) I would be extremely grateful!

sapthagireesan said...

In reply to Ms Nirupama Venkatesan-- My Name is A N Sapthagireesan,(80) (Giri) family friend of Salem G Desikan and therefore close acquaintance of his brother Secha (your Grandfather) . I had visited him,his wife and your mother at Borivli long time back.
Most of the cassettes in which Salem Desikan's music was recorded are all converted into digital mode and uploaded on my blog as requested by Desikan's eldest daughter Sau may freely access and browse and if you will send your feedback , I shall be thankful
If you would like to get in touch with me, you are welcome and my e mail id is ...........................Best wishes...ANS