Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samala Sadasiva - Swara Layalu

“Now, I will go and have my tiffin” said he and hanged the phone.

He knows what he is doing.

I wanted to talk to him more.
Because he is not able to write his famous letters.
I wrote a letter and followed up with a phone call.
If Dr. Sadsiva writes a letter, it would be an essay on the topic of that day.
Never any non sense in them.
Even within those few minutes we spoke the other day, he told about Carnatic music, NCVasantkokilam and whole lot of things.
Gireesham in Kanyasulkam says talking to him itself is education.
But, talking to people of the stature of Dr. Sadasiva is real education.
Dr Sadasiva is a man of a special kind.
If anything good came about from my working at Adilabad, it is my acquaintance with Sri Sadasiva.
The next thing is my increased aversion to my job.
Both are turning points in my life.

Sadasiva garu would send word that he wants me to go to his place.

I quietly walk in. the place is like an ashram. Most of the times we spent time in the open garden outside only. Even most of the eating happened there only. He would ask for Alu Poha to be made when I visited. I must have told him that I liked it. One of the occasions when the dish was to be served, he asked it to be delayed. He noticed that there is not enough Dhaniya leaves to go with it! He made someone go out and bring it in time!

He knows what he does!

We discuss literature, music and all kind of things till late in the night.
Then, he would offer to escort me back to my place. I would say, I shall see you back at your place and we shall keep going one place to the other throughout the night!
Laughing, he would come up till the turning in the path and we depart.
I always cherished the time thus spent.
I must have been one of the many who have such experiences.

He has never tried to publish a book by himself. Friends made it to happen.
This book also has come out in the same fashion.
This is the second time he mentioned me in his works, this time in the opening notes of the book.
He started my introduction. I am sure what is printed is not exactly what he wanted to tell.
I know he wanted to tell certain things, but did not.
Sri Sadasiva has a lot of love for me. I understand him and don’t mind his half done reference.
When we spoke on phone later, he told that I am responsible for his writing activity being resumed.
I really don’t remember how!
I must have done something that only he remembers.

(The lady on the cover page is Vidushi Hirabai Barodekar)
This book “Swara Layalu” is about Hindustani music, his passion after literature.
He has written a lot already on the topic and this is a welcome addition.
My first reaction when reading the book was, If there could be a book with so many details about North Indian Music in Telugu, why not one on Carnatic music?

That is an irrelevant feeling.
Sri Sadasiva is very passionate about Hindustani Music.
He heard the masters. Read about them and even researched them.
And then, he wrote these articles.
They are worth reading.
How does he remember so many people and so many things about them?
At places, I felt the details perhaps overshadow the musical part!
But, I realise the feelings of the writer towards the artists and his urge to express himself.

People with any bit of interest in culture and music in particular should be reading this book.
My good friend Vedakumar published this book from his Chelimi Foundation.
Navodaya are distributing the same.
Let us enjoy good books!

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