Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kapu Rajaiah - Sketches

Once again, I have the pleasure of bringing some wonderful works of Sri Kapu Rajaiah Garu.
This time, they are his sketches!
You can witness the economy of lines and the expressions etc, caught in them.
I will desist from writing a lot and leave it for you.

విశ్రాంతి (1966)

పసిబిడ్డ తల్లి - కొమరవెల్లి జాతర (1989)

ఒక మహారాజు - తంజావూరు - కుడ్యచిత్రం (1987)

A write up about Rajaiah Garu by Sri A S Raman is also here.

                                                                                            పల్లెపడుచు - కొమరవెల్లి జాతర - (1989)
Let us enjoy good works of arts!

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Rukmini said...

Hi am an artist, thx to introducing such a great artist sketches