Thursday, February 4, 2010

A page from the Diary

(This picture has got nothing to do with the matter in the post)
This is what I wrote on 7th July 2000.
As usual, it appears I have changed my ideas later.
Happily I am again shifting into my old mindset.

I write here about not talking.
Believe it or not, later I trained hundreds of people in speaking skills.

That is a different matter again.
You speak where you should!

I am used to keeping quiet right from the young age.
I am also used to speak like a chirping bird incessantly.
What the experience tells is that it is very comfortable when you do not speak at all.
There is an adage in Sanskrit which says, if you keep quiet, there wouldn’t be any tiffs.
But, if it has to reach a stage of fighting, the dialogue has to proceed a long way.
If you don’t speak at all, forget the fight, even the discussion is not there.
Only hence, in my self development plan, (There was one!), one of the points is, not to start a dialogue by you. Even when it is necessary to speak, you do it with a lot of care.
Then, there is a doubt that the others may misunderstand your silence.

How then to keep your ideas to yourself forever?
But, is it really necessary that you have to communicate your thoughts?
You can express yourself by your acts, gestures and facial expressions!

There is a theory that your health will take a beating if you express anger.
Anger on whom?
You can turn some of it onto yourself asking why I am angry!
You don’t like that.
Then, think of how bad the others would feel if you show your anger on them?
So, I feel, that as far as possible, it is better not to express anger and more so in your utterances.
One should grow!
Man from this common world, should transgress and live in another world!
You don’t have any rights over this world.
You not even have any authority.

This world is stinking.
People who are looking for bliss in it are further stinking.
But, they like it as much!


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